Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favourite Beauty Products For My Face and Neck

I'm currently using Safi Balqis Perfect 10 range. But I only use the facial cleanser, the daily moisturizer, and eye contour cream.. So far so good, especially the cleanser, one of the best I've ever used. Sure I've tried  all kinds of different brands of facial cleanser, but this is simply the best. It's been 5-6 months I've used these.
The cleanser is not drying for my's not easy for me to find a non-drying cleanser for my skin with special I've found Safi Balqis Perfect 10, I'll never change!! The best cleanser ever...

This is the first eye cream for me, I think it's ok..Don't really see much different on the eye area.

This original Hazeline Snow has been around for many years. My aunt recommended it when I was in high school. A good moisturizer especially  for my oily T-zone. Has really cool sensation and nice fragrance. Can be doubled as tinted moisturizer and beauty cream. Some, like my aunt, use it to treat sun burn (I've never tried))

This one is almost the same. The only difference is that it is a lightening cream. It's also good, tho my friend said that the yellow one is better coz it's original and more moisturizing. As for me, I don't feel the difference.

Oh, by the way, this is my fave make up item. I don't really use much make up these days, not like during foundation time.

Silky Girl Lash Prism Mascara
I've been using this since high school, low price and great performance. I don't need those high-end products or those with double wands. This is truly okay. Oh in the next post I think I'll talk about a lot of other make up items I like :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Freaking Have Eczema!!!

My skin tends to get dry and flaky easily, especially on the soles of my feet, my palms, nose and mouth area. Sometimes on my neck and ears but very seldom. This is due to a skin condition called Eczema.

My palm and soles are a little too dry compared to other areas of my body. Thus they need constant moisturization in the form of lotion and cream.

This is very creamy and's Betamethasone and Valerate, of course~
only wear it at night sometimes-the one that I got from clinic smells really really bad.

And also these that I've been flashing around:

So in public places especially when it's windy(beach etc.) or classroom (air-cond), I shamelessly take out my lotion and lip balm and apply them. I don't care if people frown coz the lecturer is teaching or something. I freaking have ECZEMA people!!! And I'm not happy or proud of it. It's more of a curse, but there's a silver lining. I've learned to look high maintainance . ugggh =_=

I don't care if you wanna stare or say anything, do you people wanna see me suffer when I have terrible rashes the next day due to lack of moisture and walk around with flaky reddish skin..Oh yeah it happened before, lots of time..You just don't happen to see them cos I 'm better at taking care of myself these days. Oh, I'M HIGH MAINTENANCE!!   =_=

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Favourite Beauty Care Products

So, some people see me as a high maintainable girl. Why? Coz as son as I enter the air conditioned class, I will always discreetly take out my beloved lotion and apply it on my hands..Onlookers may frown,,oh they do sometimes..but they don't know why..

As we all know, be in an air condotioned room is drying to yr skin and hair too. But for me, it's more drying, so I have to be careful to always apply and reapply coz f my skin condition

The truth: I have eczema, not an acute one. Thank God it's quite mild, tho sometimes it does get a lil worse.

So, this is the must have item that I carry around:
(I swear to God that this is not for merely cosmetic purposes)

Johnson's Baby lotion..

sometimes I use Garnier Aqua Defense Non Stop Moisturizing lotion, smells better than Johnson's, ok a lot better..but I still love Johnson's Bay ^^

This is also a must have..this one is so good..When I get dry lips, I don't just get you people normal dry cracked's stings and has burning sensation- trust me it happens many time before (when I wasn't this high maintainance)

As my skin is dry, I put Vaseline every night on my lips. And lotion on my hands and legs.

This is important as after brushing teeth the toothpaste is really drying to my lips..(I'm not being obsessed with dry skin, I have Eczema, gimme a break!!)

I must say this petroleum jelly is so good. I buy one jar can last for almost a year as I only wear at night. And also this jelly is multipurpose. As how I use it this way.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vaseline For Your Flip-Flops/Sandals

Hey guys, 

Have you ever wear those cute flip-flop for all day long and suddenly realized you get bruised on yr feet when the straps are? Or as you've been wearing it for a while you realized it hurts as the rubber straps kinda press on yr skin? Hurts, doesn't it? I even got some scars on my feet because of it. Not good~ super cute Roxy sandals

But now worry no more!  

Coz there is a way to wear that super cute flip-flops without pain or bruise
The answer is Vaseline! Yes, that petroleum jelly...
You put it under yr flip-flop straps and apply evenly. The straps get greasy, that when you put the flop on they are quite slippery. This is good coz there's less friction. Voila!! Now you're good to go. The flops won't hurt anymore. I've been doing this for months when I found out this tips on the internet. Happy trying !!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favourite Hair Products

What I'm using these days:

I totally love Elseve Smooth-Intense range! It delivers what it says and the price is reasonable.

The hair mask- it's kinda too oily, I like the old version- the one that has to be rinsed better.

The serum-not really my kinda take away the volume..but it is very moisturizing.

What I like to do is, I stick to this range but sometimes alternate it with products from other brands above:

My fave dove serum.-the best serum I've ever try..seriously it is moisturizing..u kinda sleep in the night with it
Oh the smell, I love it!!

Sometimes, I used this Avon Naturals Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Aloe Vera when my scalp feels itchy..tho it's quite drying..

Luckily I have this:

I'm so in love with this conditioner, TRESemme' Salon Slik- one of the best for me!
It's cheap and works too, just like it's slogan: “Professional. Affordable.”

I tried this one..still have a lot..only use sometimes coz don't like the smell..and it's sticky too..hate stickiness!!

Lucido-L Super Hard Hairspray: Oh I regret buying this..'s so bad..ok so the strength part is kinda good but when u spray it, then comb yr hair, white residue is's so ugly...nooo..I just used it a couple of times..I don't know what to do with this thing...:(

So, those are some of the hair products I've been using recently. Some are good, some are bad, we just have to experiment to get the best for ourselves. Btw, my friend Sofe recommended Liese hairspray, saying that it's so good. But I haven't try it, will soon :)

Speaking of Liese, I kinda interested to try it's Bubble Hair Dye  ^^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm thinking of.......Beauty Products Review~

Wohoo...For the first time ever ni aku nak buat review pasal produk kecantikan. Tak pernah2 lagi ni..huhu

Rasa cam best pulak..Lagi pun aku memang suka la bab-bab produk-produk ni. Selalu jugak aku ikut perkembangan. Kadang2 ada jugak kwn 2 aku tanya mana shampoo best, mascara ke yg best tanya pendapat aku. FYI, aku memang suka bab2 kecantikan ni,  memang dulu sampai skarang ada cita2 nk jd make up artist ke pemilik spa dah terambik TESL nk wat mcm mana.

Anyway, aku da lama tak guna BM dalm blog or dalam penulisan (kecuali dlm chat, tp bnyak BI gak)..nnti org kata aku perasan mat saleh plak kan...tak guna2 bhasa Melayu apa kes minah ni (dah kena dah pun-banyak kali)..ok2 so aku guna bm untuk pos kali ni..dlm sibuk nk exam last paper hari selasa ni pun aku smpat lg tulis blog..huhu

OK, so the review will be in the next post, not this one of course..bear with me ok..or move on..hahaha.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Nasi Lemak!!!

Why???OMG!! Apa salah nasi lemak?? Pasal nasi lemak pun boleh jadi isu ke? Tak paham betul aku..Bukan salah nasi lemak tu padahal banyak lagi faktor-faktor lain yang menyebabkan masalah kesihatan dan kegemukan.

Macamla budak-budak zaman skarang ni  tau makan nasi lemak je...berlambak je aku tengok gi makan McD, KFC, Burger King dan sewaktu dgnnye masa balik skolah. So kalau  tak dapat nasi lemak pun, kat rumah dan sekolah kehidupan kita semua, bukan pelajar je, sebenarnya agak kurang aktif.

Health problems are caused by our sedentary lifestyles, not nasi lemak!!! Just because you don't eat nasi lemak, doesn't mean that you won't become fat. What, nowadays kids are controlled so much that even the gov can decide what they can and cannot eat. Why want to restrict the selling?

I mean ppl, even kids when it comes to food, they should be able to choose. This is a free free country..oh la msalahnye kerana nyanuk seekor satu kelambu dibakar(erk, betul ke peribahasa aku, lama tak guna rasanye dah berkarat)

Walau apa pun, makanan tetap makanan!!! Nak sihat tu depends pada diri sendiri. Dan kalau dah ditakdirkan nak sakit tu, sakit jugak walaupun mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat. And when it comes to healthy lifestyle, it's not all about food.

I certainly don't believe in this approach, seriously? Nasi lemak is guilty??Ugh.. =_=

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What kind of power do the British royals have, and where do they get their wealth?

The British Royal family generally have few legal roles apart from the Queen herself, although they are immune from various laws like planning permission (local government has to authorise that any building work is safe, but the royal family can do what they like).

The Queen is in name the Head of State, the head of the armed forces and the head of the Church of England. In practice she is not allowed to actually exercise any authority or even display any preferences. The cost of keeping the whole royal family is estimated as £41.5m (about $70m?) per year, although this is not all as cash paid directly to them (only £7.9m) - a lot of it goes as money spent upkeeping the various estates. In addition there is the cost of security provided by the police and the army, which is not published.

However, this money is offset against money paid to the treasury in income tax,capital gains tax (in the UK, if you buy property cheap, and it goes up in value and you sell it expensively, this difference is subject to capital gains tax), and in earnings from various estates they own - these earnings are paid to the state in exchange for the £7.9m mentioned above. The Royal family own an enormous amount of land. One set of land alone, the Crown Estates, is worth £6.2 billion, and makes profits of around £200m per year which are paid to the state, which alone heavily outweighs the cost of the Royal family. In addition there are the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster which are probably worth another £1bn.

From our point of view, financially, it benefits us to have these holdings associated with the state rather than a private business, as a lot more money flows back into the state than it would do otherwise. Most of their wealth is based on stuff they inherited, or proceeds from the estates, or businesses based on the estates. Prince Charlesowns a company that makes biscuits (Duchy Originals). They're quite nice!

Politically, the point of keeping the Queen as Head of state is to provide some sort of counterbalance, albeit even only theoretical, to the Prime Minister. Most countries have two houses of government and a Head of State; the US has the House, the Senate and the President. The British Prime Minister controls the House of Commons(roughly equivalent to the House); the House of Lords (even more roughly equivalent to the Senate) is much weaker than the Commons; so he actually has much more direct authority than the President of the US, so it's important that there is some counterbalance. The British PM cannot actually seize power as a dictator because technically the army belongs to the Queen and she has the authority to dissolve parliament. The Queen cannot seize power because it would cause a revolution.

This situation has basically evolved over the last 350 years or so because, as revolutions happened all across Europe and various Kings and Queens were beheaded, the British Monarchy looked at it and thought, we would rather give power back a bit at a time, than suffer a revolution and lose it all. The ball was started by our own Civil War, 1642-1651, followed mainly by a period of dictatorship, until we re-established a monarchy that had to listen to parliament in 1660. This gradual constraining of the monarchy has continued right up until 1992 when they started paying income tax.

So - what's the benefit of keeping them? People have different opinions and it kind of comes down to taste. From my point of view the finances are pretty even or actually profitable for the country. For me it's a matter of style. For me, there is no other person in the world whose title is as impressive as the King or Queen of England. For sheer grandeur and symbolism nothing can touch it. The President of the United Stated comes second - but to be honest, he's only going to be there for eight years, and there is a reasonable prospect that one day Sarah Palin could have that title.

I think history and symbolism are important, especially in trying to create a nation; trying to make millions of people who don't know each other unite under the same banner. That is why America has worked so hard to elevate the idea of the President to an almost religious status. If you have something that's richly symbolic and you throw it away it's hard to build it up again.

I'm not especially into these particular people. I'm sure they're no better or worse than a lot of other people. But the idea of the monarchy is so central to the idea of what it means to be British, that, at a time when we're struggling for an idea of national identity as it is, it would be too destructive to rip it out. And they don't actually do any harm or cost any money.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Torn Apart...

I'm having sleepless night thinking where did I go wrong. Why?
Why does it hurt so much
And it still hurts like it did years ago
I thought I'd never give it a damn anymore, but then I was crazy and did the same mistakes,
again and again and again
I couldn't stop
I was stupid and I still am :'(

Pierced by arrows of reality,
Blinded by mere fantasy,
Live to die, die to see,
To see beyond the misery,
The tears trapped inside, 
For none to see, only to hide,
When will the world ever know,
The truth that can't be shown.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Hold It Against Me" - Britney Spears

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Disney's Princesses Teach Us

Really? You want to learn lessons from this superficial characters? Don't get me started on the real stories behind all of them.

I'm Sorry to Say

I'm sorry to say,
It's all over now,
Leave it behind,
Cause our new life has begun,
My days have ended
So long and good night~