Friday, May 6, 2011

My Favourite Beauty Care Products

So, some people see me as a high maintainable girl. Why? Coz as son as I enter the air conditioned class, I will always discreetly take out my beloved lotion and apply it on my hands..Onlookers may frown,,oh they do sometimes..but they don't know why..

As we all know, be in an air condotioned room is drying to yr skin and hair too. But for me, it's more drying, so I have to be careful to always apply and reapply coz f my skin condition

The truth: I have eczema, not an acute one. Thank God it's quite mild, tho sometimes it does get a lil worse.

So, this is the must have item that I carry around:
(I swear to God that this is not for merely cosmetic purposes)

Johnson's Baby lotion..

sometimes I use Garnier Aqua Defense Non Stop Moisturizing lotion, smells better than Johnson's, ok a lot better..but I still love Johnson's Bay ^^

This is also a must have..this one is so good..When I get dry lips, I don't just get you people normal dry cracked's stings and has burning sensation- trust me it happens many time before (when I wasn't this high maintainance)

As my skin is dry, I put Vaseline every night on my lips. And lotion on my hands and legs.

This is important as after brushing teeth the toothpaste is really drying to my lips..(I'm not being obsessed with dry skin, I have Eczema, gimme a break!!)

I must say this petroleum jelly is so good. I buy one jar can last for almost a year as I only wear at night. And also this jelly is multipurpose. As how I use it this way.

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