Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Freaking Have Eczema!!!

My skin tends to get dry and flaky easily, especially on the soles of my feet, my palms, nose and mouth area. Sometimes on my neck and ears but very seldom. This is due to a skin condition called Eczema.

My palm and soles are a little too dry compared to other areas of my body. Thus they need constant moisturization in the form of lotion and cream.

This is very creamy and's Betamethasone and Valerate, of course~
only wear it at night sometimes-the one that I got from clinic smells really really bad.

And also these that I've been flashing around:

So in public places especially when it's windy(beach etc.) or classroom (air-cond), I shamelessly take out my lotion and lip balm and apply them. I don't care if people frown coz the lecturer is teaching or something. I freaking have ECZEMA people!!! And I'm not happy or proud of it. It's more of a curse, but there's a silver lining. I've learned to look high maintainance . ugggh =_=

I don't care if you wanna stare or say anything, do you people wanna see me suffer when I have terrible rashes the next day due to lack of moisture and walk around with flaky reddish skin..Oh yeah it happened before, lots of time..You just don't happen to see them cos I 'm better at taking care of myself these days. Oh, I'M HIGH MAINTENANCE!!   =_=

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