Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vaseline For Your Flip-Flops/Sandals

Hey guys, 

Have you ever wear those cute flip-flop for all day long and suddenly realized you get bruised on yr feet when the straps are? Or as you've been wearing it for a while you realized it hurts as the rubber straps kinda press on yr skin? Hurts, doesn't it? I even got some scars on my feet because of it. Not good~ super cute Roxy sandals

But now worry no more!  

Coz there is a way to wear that super cute flip-flops without pain or bruise
The answer is Vaseline! Yes, that petroleum jelly...
You put it under yr flip-flop straps and apply evenly. The straps get greasy, that when you put the flop on they are quite slippery. This is good coz there's less friction. Voila!! Now you're good to go. The flops won't hurt anymore. I've been doing this for months when I found out this tips on the internet. Happy trying !!!!

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