Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favourite Hair Products

What I'm using these days:

I totally love Elseve Smooth-Intense range! It delivers what it says and the price is reasonable.

The hair mask- it's kinda too oily, I like the old version- the one that has to be rinsed better.

The serum-not really my taste..it kinda take away the volume..but it is very moisturizing.

What I like to do is, I stick to this range but sometimes alternate it with products from other brands above:

My fave dove serum.-the best serum I've ever try..seriously it is moisturizing..u kinda sleep in the night with it
Oh the smell, I love it!!

Sometimes, I used this Avon Naturals Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Aloe Vera when my scalp feels itchy..tho it's quite drying..

Luckily I have this:

I'm so in love with this conditioner, TRESemme' Salon Slik- one of the best for me!
It's cheap and works too, just like it's slogan: “Professional. Affordable.”

I tried this one..still have a lot..only use sometimes coz don't like the smell..and it's sticky too..hate stickiness!!

Lucido-L Super Hard Hairspray: Oh I regret buying this.. seriously..it's so bad..ok so the strength part is kinda good but when u spray it, then comb yr hair, white residue is form..it's so ugly...nooo..I just used it a couple of times..I don't know what to do with this thing...:(

So, those are some of the hair products I've been using recently. Some are good, some are bad, we just have to experiment to get the best for ourselves. Btw, my friend Sofe recommended Liese hairspray, saying that it's so good. But I haven't try it, will soon :)

Speaking of Liese, I kinda interested to try it's Bubble Hair Dye  ^^

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