Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Worst Photoshop Disasters Ever..!

When Photoshop becomes a disaster, they aren't just funny, they can be scary too!!;)

Let's look at some calamities which REALLY shouldn't have happened:

1. The beautiful Taylor Swift ^_^

OMG..the editor must have some kinda fetish for plastic love dolls. Taylor is already beautiful the way she is!

2. Lost for words...what's so important about skin color? When you're baeatiful, you're beautiful...Ugh..the world is crazy

3. That's too obvious :p

4. Lost in the middle..

5. That isn't proportional, rite? Something's always wrong with Ralph Lauren

6. Unvogueable...the editor might have been too distracted
7. Are you kidding me? Even retards can't be fooled

8. Female version of Kyle XY..her name's Jesse, rite? LOL..

9. That is jaw-dropping! Wonder what she's looking at..

10. Talk about big mouth..( pun intended...haha)

LOL...that give a good laugh for me.
The verdict : Quest of perfection brings out flaws~
or in Taylor and Beyonce cases, what's perfect doesn't need added touch ^_^

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