Monday, June 7, 2010

Logically Illogical

I got sore throat today and it's excruciating. It's not the only reason why life can be excruciating. It's just that life can't be simple, at least mine can't. Arghh, sometimes I wonder why I always get caught up in the trouble, no matter how far I go I try to avoid it. Just my luck I guess. Ok I'll stop whining and get to our topic ;)

"The end does not justify the mean"

It's an old saying but I came across it a few days ago. It really got me thinking. It's just like the other one:

"When you decide not to choose, you've made a choice. "

I mean, seriously, guys,these two sayings are really baffling.

When I came to understand those two, I realized that they just can't be possible. I mean, no matter how you avoid choice, you still gonna make one. And if you say that niat tidak menghalalkan cara, then it's true in religion. Well, in religion it has the same LITERAL MEANING only. But when you discuss it in a secular manner, it is virtually impossible to go through a day without using a negative mean to achieve a positive end.

They are just illogical. In reality, the end frequently justifies the means. Here's a few example:

1) Normally we would be opposed to killing a person. Yet we

condone the goals of a self-defender who does exactly that.

2) Normally we would be opposed to poisoning someone with a

deadly virus. Yet we condone the goals of a vaccination nurse

who does exactly that.

3) Normally we would be opposed to cutting up someone with a

knife. Yet we condone the goals of a surgeon who does

exactly that.

See, the end does usually justify the mean :)
Sometimes life is difficult to decipher, isn't it?

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