Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Re-bond or Not To Re-bond.....

I'm considering to get my hair rebonded..like seriously...but I'm not really sure yet...Can I pull off the look anyway, with a face and body like mine?

looks nice, a lil wavy..suke...

lawa gak :)

or maybe...if I can't decide, I'd go for something like this..?

Haha, aku rase sama ada nk rebond or perm, maybe re-bond kot nmpak sleek n elegant skit. Makcik aku kate rambut kerinting nmpk klasik---haha..nmpk tua la tu :p


  1. haha..well, I think I should re-bond too...because I'm started to get boring with my favorite afro style..but I need to wait my hair grow longer first..

  2. come, join d club! lol.
    but i think lil wavy suits u.
    u will look chubbier if u gonna wear strait hair, wat i picture lah..by looking at my fren's doing so..