Friday, March 12, 2010

Haha..Very Funny!!

Silence and quietness are always mistaken for stupidity and imbecility. Just because I don't say anything about it doesn't mean that I don't know anything about it. I just wanna act low-key. I may not be smart but I ain't stupid either. So what's wrong with you ppl thinking that I'm stupid? Shame on you...

What the hell. How dare he asked me what did I get for MUET. Even before I could say anything, he assumed that I got like Band 3? OMG! I may not be smart but I ain't stupid ok...How can he expect something like that from me. I mean, it's his expectation that I screwed MUET that make me feel a lil' pissed off. He could at least said like, you got Band 4? That's not as bad as assuming that you got Band 3 ok. I'm not saying that ppl who got Band 3 and below are stupid. It just that some of them are not very lucky. Well, I just said that I got Band 5 as if it's nothing. And he stared in disbelief. What?? Do I look that stupid to you? Puhleese....
Whatever..ppl always look down on me. That's the point. They just can't accept it. Especially a guy. I know it's their ego, isn't it?

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