Friday, December 4, 2009

A Shocking Encounter

People are always judged by their looks and appearance. It's cruel yeah for some people who are not so lucky to be blessed with good looks and charms. Well, we know life sucks sometimes. It seems unfair, but is it really so? Ibelieve that people who are not blessed with beauty are blessed with something else. Like they say, when God closes a door, He opens another.But all the times, looks deceive us. 

Someone may seems nice but you never know for sure till you know her well enough. It's just a quaint notion that a beautiful, sweet and demure girl is all she is. The fact is, there's so much more you don't know about a person. Just because she dressed decently, doesn't mean that she is a nice person. She could be a pretender, a hypocrite or an imposter. While some girls who dress the way they like it and defy the norms of everyone else's dressing code are labelled as indecent and even bitches ad immoral and are not well-accepted by people of a particular community.

Even though the fact is that she might be nicer than the so-called goody two shoes. Ok, maybe she was just as bad, and maybe she is worst. but so what? She is not a hypocrite who is afraid to show her true color. not some coward hiding behind the veil of decent dressing and good manner. For me, being yourself is more important than being the person people want you to be. To do something only to be accepted is not cool. Life is to short not to live it to the fullest. In the end, people know who you really are. well, when you got caught red-handed at a supermarket in this case.As the saying goes, dont judge a book by its cover. But we always do that, don't we?

Well, me and my friends caught sight of that person today. She was the last person in the world that I thought would do such a thing. Everyone else seemed to think so too. We all thought of her as a very nice person but it happened that she is not such an angel. Ok, what she did was not something so bad, but nevertheless we were taken aback by that encounter. Reality IS stranger than fiction...

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